Radio Wexico

Our reason to launch this station?
  To give a platform to Wexford artists/bands/groups.

Set-up as a pandemic project in 2020, we have evolved over the last three years into our current format, with a mix of the greatest hits of today & yesteryear and specialised shows to cater for almost every taste, from Chart toppers to Hip Hop and Club Classics to Rock/Metal, we have a something for everyone.

Most important, and the foundation stone of the station, we dedicate at least 25 hours of broadcasting a week  to Wexford musicians both past & present.

We are very lucky to be able draw on a vast well of Wexford talent.
From brand new artists to the older artists/Bands (long since broke up) making sure that their music - that would otherwise be forgotten about, left to gather dust on an old cassette or Cd, or even an old reel,  can get a fresh new breath of life, reach a new audience and  stir the memory of those old gigs from venues that have long since vanished from the town.

We hope you enjoy listening in, it is important to nourish our local talent, buy their music, stream their music, follow their social media and most important...